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White prawn carpaccio

It's hot, long live the holidays, mine were too short and are already behind me, but too bad, we'll try to do better next time.

And for this little comeback, let's stay in the sun with a recipe from Mauro Colagreco three-star chef in his restaurant Mirazur, 30, avenue Aristide Briand in Menton.

Carpaccio is a culinary preparation typical of Italian cuisine, made from raw beef, cut into very thin slices, traditionally seasoned with a drizzle of olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and sprinkled, sometimes , parmigiano reggiano or pecorino shavings.

This original recipe has since been declined in many variants, based on other meats, and also fish, raw seafood, .....

Only one obligation to be scrupulously respected, as for steak tartare, or sushi and sashimi of Japanese cuisine, the selection, preparation and consumption of raw meat and fish implies a drastic respect for the rules of food hygiene and food safety, under penalty of risk of intoxication, such as Listeria or Toxoplasmosis ...

You are still alive, so for 4 people you will need to bring together:

  • 400 g Fresh peeled white prawns,

  • 4 g Agar-agar,

  • 300 g Raspberry pulp,

  • 20 Raspberries,


  • 10 g Chopped shallot,

  • 70 g Lime juice,

  • 150 g Olive oil

  • Fleur de sel, olive oil

Why white prawns or Huelva prawns, well because they are the best, of course ;-).

Now if you don't have one, go with what you have.


  • Glaze the prawns tails, covering them with a sheet of baking paper then with ice cubes, set aside in the cold,

  • Cut the tails lengthwise, dress them on a serving plate using a cookie cutter 8 cm in diameter and keep cold,

  • Cold mix agar-agar and raspberry pulp and bring to the boil for 2 minutes. Cool and let set. Blend in a blender until you obtain a smooth puree, keep cold,

  • Cut the fresh raspberries in half and refrigerate,


  • Mix chopped shallots, lime juice and pinch of fleur de sel,

  • Let marinate for 30 minutes then add olive oil and mix with a whisk,


  • Remove the circle around the tails of the prawns, coat them lightly with the vinaigrette then arrange the half-raspberries. Add the raspberry jelly, then the fleur de sel and olive oil.

With a dish with the accents of Menton, let's stay in Provence with two Côtes de Provence rosé, a Première de Figuière (around € 15) or a madness that is worth it, a Garrus from Château d'Esclans (at more than 100 €) a rosé made to last.

Open 1/2 hour before and served between 10 and 12 ° C, you should enjoy it.

Well .... That's a good beginning recipe, take care of yourself and soon.

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