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Sweetbread, Risotto with poultry juice and mushrooms, white asparagus

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A recipe from Jean Coussau chef of the double-starred restaurant "La Maison Coussau" in the heart of the 4-star hotel "Le Relais de la Poste", 24 Avenue de Maremne in Magescq, full of stars in the heart of the Landes.

Surely one of the last recipes with asparagus, the season will soon end, here we are talking about the white asparagus of the Landes which is harvested from March to June and which obtained in 2005, the classification in IGP Asperges des Sables des Landes .

For this recipe and for 4 people, you will need:

  • 600 g Sweetbread,

  • 8 white asparagus,

  • Salt, pepper, olive oil, butter, clarified butter,

  • 250 g Mushrooms (chanterelles, porcini mushrooms, etc.),

  • 50 g finely chopped shallots,

  • 250 g Round rice (carnaroli, arborio ...),

  • 1 l Poultry stock,

  • 100 g fresh cream,

  • 250 g Floc de Gascogne.


  • Clean, degrease, trim the sweetbreads, keep cold,

  • Peel and blanch the asparagus.

  • Cut the tips to 5 cm in length, color them in butter,

  • Brown the various mushrooms separately in olive oil, season, reserve,


  • Sweat the chopped shallots with butter,

  • Add the rice, pearl it until it becomes translucent,

  • Moisten with the chicken stock little by little until the rice is completely cooked,

  • Add the crème fraîche, adjust the seasoning,


  • Cook the sweetbreads in a pan with clarified butter, season,


  • Reduce the floc of Gascogne until coating,


  • In a plate, arrange the risotto using a circle,

  • Cover with mushrooms,

  • Arrange the sweetbreads, coat with the sauce,

  • Place the asparagus tips.

For wine, you can choose an almost regional wine with this Côtes de Gascogne 100% Sauvignon Unique Collection from Domaine Uby (at € 5 a bottle) or an Alsatian Muscat from Domaine Weinbach (at less than € 30).

So let's say goodbye to our beloved asparagus and hope to see them as good next year. See you soon for new articles.

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