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Spinach-Camembert Pie

A recipe from my beloved wife, a recipe I love, a recipe for your brunches.

Of course when we talk about Camembert, we are talking about a good Camembert with raw milk, ladle molded and ORGANIC preferably, and when we talk about spinach, we are talking about ORGANIC spinach obviously.

A good dish full of good things, spinach is green, so if it's green it's good, and full of flavor thanks to our divine Camembert de Normandie protected by a PDO. Our national "claquos" which must be supported to preserve raw milk against false health prevention. Norman Camembert or standardized Camembert what will be the outcome of this fight ......

So, for a good Camembert Spinach Tart, you will need: - 1 kg of chopped spinach (you can take them frozen), - 1 Camembert de Normandie just made, - 250 g of flour type 55, - 125 g of butter (at room temperature), - 1 pinch of salt, - 1 glass of cold water.

Preparation of shortcrust pastry

- In a bowl, put 250 g of flour,

- Add the butter cut into pieces and the pinch of salt,

- Mix, knead and add water as needed,

- Knead until a ball does not stick,

- Let stand at least an hour,

- Over medium heat, dry the spinach, then drain it in a colander,

- Roll out your dough, place it in a pie pan,

- Cut the camembert into quarters, then into strips,

- Place the camembert slices on the dough from the edge, the slats should cover all the dough,

- Spread the spinach on the camembert,

- Put in the oven at 180 ° C for 30 minutes,

And there you have it, all you have to do is taste this delicious pie where the melted camembert and spinach blend harmoniously.

And since you don't have to stay dry, to accompany this pie, why not a white wine, either a Vacqueyras Un Sang Blanc from Domaine Le Sang des Cailloux, or a Bourgogne Clos du Château du Château de Meursault (both in 30 €).

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