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Sole fillets in yuzu vapor, glazed with orange aroma, green asparagus.

Yesterday, Isabelle ordered 4 fillets of large sole and green asparagus, and I will have to find a recipe to accommodate all of this ....

So, I call for help my friend Google, and bluntly I type "sole asparagus thuries" and the magic answer appears "Sole of small boat in steamed yuzu, condiment with lemon confit, green asparagus from Provence roasted with caviar" ......

A recipe from Jean-Denis Rieubland, Michelin-starred chef at the Royal Champagne Hôtel, near Épernay, 9 rue de la République, 51160 Champillon.

Houla .... I make an inventory, no yuzu, no caviar, no small boat, no candied lemons, especially not to worry about making them, so I'm going to simplify by " Sole fillets in vapor of yuzu glazed with orange aroma, green asparagus from the country ", that shouldn't be bad, anyway the sole is always a delight.

So for 4 people, you will need:

- 2 large sole (raise the fillets by your fishmonger, and keep the bones), - Salt, pepper, fleur de sel, lemon zest, butter, olive oil, - 125 g of butter, - Yuzu soy sauce, - 1 kg of green asparagus, - 1 carrot, - 100 g of leek green, - 1/4 stalk of celery, - 20 cl of white wine, - 1/2 orange juice, - 2 yellow lemons, - 1 Star Anise (if you do not taste anise, dispense with star anise), - 50 g of butter, - 100 g olive oil, - 2 brioche slices, - 20 g of capers.


- Slightly flatten the sole fillets, season with salt and pepper and a dash of grated lemon zest, (to take the zest, I don't know about you, but I can't do without my zester anymore, it's something to grate your fingers but it works really well).

- Overlap the fillets in two, brush with yuzu butter (for yuzu butter, I didn't bother, I melted my 125 g of butter and I added my soy sauce with yuzu, and i 've done with ...), roll in film, reserve,

- Peel the asparagus (keep the scraps), wash, tie in 2 bundles of 4 so that they do not spoil when cooked, cook them in the English way (cook in a large volume of boiling salted water then stop cooking by immersing them in an ice water bath) 10 to 15 minutes,

- Cut the remaining asparagus in salpicon (in small dice), reserve,

Orange aroma

- Make an aroma with the bones, vegetables, white wine and pepper, cook for 20 minutes, sift, reduce to 2/3, whisk with the remaining yuzu butter, add the orange juice,

Asparagus coulis

- Blanch the trimmings (scraps from the peeling) with star anise, drain, mix (without anise) with butter, olive oil and 100 g of cooking water, adjust the seasoning , Reserve,


- Cut the brioche into small squares, brown in butter in a pan, - Cook the salpicon of asparagus in a pan with a few capers, the salpicon must soften so the cooking can be quite slow depending on the freshness of your asparagus, monitor the cooking if necessary put a little water, add the brioche squares at the end of cooking,


- Steam the sole fillets at 85 ° C (or not far ;-)) for about 5 minutes, - Glaze with orange aroma, - Cook the asparagus in olive oil in a pan and season with fleur de sel, - Reheat the asparagus coulis,


- In the center of a plate, place the asparagus salpicon, place a strand of sole fillets on top and top brioche croutons, - Arrange the asparagus on both sides, - Pour 2 lines of asparagus coulis.

To accompany this pretty dish, it was recommended a Pouilly-Fumé "Silex" 2006 from Didier Dagueneau, but not having this in the cellar (considering the price among others ...), and having no time to search, I took a 100% sauvignon that I had, it is surely less sophisticated, less exceptional, less irresistible than a wine from the late sorcerer of Loire, in short it has nothing to do, but it was good anyway, so I opened a Domaine Uby - Collection Unique 2019, it's lively, fresh and good and at less than 10 € why not have fun.

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