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Saint-Jacques "Tripette" pear / celeriac

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A recipe from Olivier Bellin chef of the Glazicks Inn 2 * Michelin star, 7 Rue de la Plage, 29550 Plomodiern

A nice April dish since there are always pears and it is still the Saint_Jacques season which runs from October 1 to May 15.

Why "tripette", well because the chef likes to combine seafood, and the tripe side, "I always ate pork with my shellfish. My mother educated me like that. Associate Saint-Jacques with pig, it's natural. "

For 4 people you will need:

- 8 Saint Jacques (ask your favorite fishmonger to unshell them), - 1 pink onion, - 1/4 bunch of watercress, - 3 Pears, - 5 g Espelette pepper, - 250g chorizo soft rather soft, - 1 Celery root, - 150 g of butter, - 100 g of Dried Pig Tongue (as much to tell you, I did without it, I did not even dare to ask my pork butcher ....) - 4 slices of raw pears.


- Collect nuts Saint Jacques, wash, rinse, book, - Sort, wash the watercress, reserve,

- Wash and peel a pear, cut 4 cylinders and roast them in a pan in foaming butter and Espelette pepper, (for the cylinders, my simple solution, I use my cooking circles, I take the smallest .)

- Mix the chorizo (stripped of its skin beforehand), reserve the puree obtained,

Celeriac Puree

- Cook 3/4 of the celeriac in a water / milk mixture in equal quantities, drain, mix with 100 g of butter,


- Centrifuge the remaining pears and celeriac remaining, and season the juice obtained, reserve (my centrifuge being HS, I pass all this in the mixer and I then filter the puree obtained in Chinese to extract the juice),


- Cook the nuts St. Jacques with a dash of olive oil, season,


- In a plate, make a line of mashed celeriac, a line and a chorizo puree tip. Place a pear-cylinder and a raw pear washer and 2 nuts Saint-Jacques. Add the watercress and pour the sauce.

And to accompany this, why not a Gevrey-Chambertin by Joseph Drouhin open 1 hour before and served at 16 ° C.

After being stoned for advising a red on scallops by a friend much better expert than me .....

So here's Jean-Paul's advice

A white Saumur Chenin du Puy from the Domaine Mabileau (around 20 €), a white Saumur Clos David from the Domaine Arnaud Lambert (around 20 €) or a Montlouis Clos de Mosny from the Domaine de la Taille aux Loups (around 30 €).

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