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Roasted turbot, shellfish and leeks, matelote sauce

A recipe from Nicolas Masse chef of the restaurant, double star, the Grand’Vigne in the heart of the Graves vineyard, Chemin de Smith Haut Lafitte Bordeaux-Martillac.

The Turbot, Psetta maxima, is the finest and most noble of the flatfish, up to 50 cm and 6 kg on average. It is said to be benthic, that is, it lives on the bottom of sand or gravel. Like most flatfish, its 2 eyes are on the same side. Its flesh is particularly delicious, with a very firm structure. Its delicate taste and rarity explains its high selling price.

Matelote sauce is a red wine sauce, basic Burgundy, with onions and shallots, reduced, linked to a veal stock.

For 4 people, you will need:

  • 4 Turbot steaks of 150 g,

  • 24 young leeks,

  • 16 Cases,

  • 24 Gray shrimps,

  • 20 Pousse-pieds (we don't find them everywhere .....),

  • 45 g 1/2 salt butter,

  • Fleur de sel, salt, pepper, fish stock,

Matelote Sauce

  • 1 kg of fish bones,

  • 50 g onions,

  • 30 g shallots,

  • 50 g celery-branch,

  • 50 g leeks,

  • 40 g butter,

  • 20 g of tomato puree,

  • 700 g of red wine,

  • 1 liter of veal stock.


  • Wash the young leeks, remove the first leaves,

  • Blanch them for 4 minutes, then drain,

  • Before serving, roast them on the plancha,

  • Group them and cut them with a cookie cutter so as to form a disc,


  • Desable the hulls in salt water for one hour,

  • Drain and rinse,

  • Open the hulls with boiling water,

  • Cool with ice water,

  • Drain, shell, reserve in the cold,

  • Shell the shrimp, set aside in the cold,

  • Remove the thick skin from the pousse-pieds, remove the head, keep cold,

Matelote sauce

  • Disgorging fish bones 40 minutes in cold water,

  • Drain and crush,

  • Peel and mince the garnish,

  • Melt the butter in a pan,

  • Add the bones then the filling,

  • Sweat until lightly colored,

  • Add the tomato puree,

  • Deglaze with red wine, reduce,

  • Moisten with the veal stock,

  • Reduce until link,

  • Sieve, adjust the seasoning,


  • Season the turbot blocks,

  • Cook them in 1/2 salt butter,

  • Color each side by sprinkling with frothy butter,

  • Glaze shrimp and shellfish with fish stock and butter,


  • Prepare a disc of young leeks,

  • Place a block of turbot on it,

  • Cover with shells and shrimps,

  • Pour the matelote sauce.

I will propose a white Pessac-Léognan, if you have some money to spend then a Chateau Smith Haut-Lafitte (hard to less than 100 €) or a reasonably Castle Picque Caillou (around 30 €).

Superb wines to taste on a superb fish, if you have other ideas of agreements, let go and let us know.

See you soon for new articles.

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