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Red mullet, marmalade carrots and curry

A recipe from Chef Gaëtan Morvan in his Michelin-starred Lait Thym Sel restaurant in Angers, 65 rue Beaurepaire. For a unique 7-course menu, 3 appetizers and 2 sweets.

For 4 people, you will need: - 1 red mullet 800g in fillets without scales, - Reduced mango juice

- 2 sliced yellow onions, - 3 cloves of chopped garlic, - 20 g grated ginger, - 5 carrots, cut into fine brunoise, - 20 g of dry raisins,

- Curry paste, Madras curry, salt, pepper, olive oil, (quantity according to your tastes) - 100 g of mango juice, - 150 g of vegetable broth, - 1 lime juice, - 30 g of fresh cheese,

- Sorrel leaves, purslane.

Carrot marmalade preparation

- Sauté in olive oil, onions, garlic, ginger, - Add the brunoise of carrots, the raisins, then the curry paste and the Madras curry, - Deglaze with mango juice, reduce, - Moisten with the vegetable broth, - Cook over low heat, - Adjust seasoning,

Cooking red mullet

- Sear the fillets in olive oil on the skin side, season, - Finish baking at 50 ° C for 4 minutes, - Lacquered with reduced mango juice,


- Flavor the marmalade with lime juice and fresh cheese, - Place the marmalade in a bowl, add the fillet over it, - Decorate with sorrel sprouts, purslane, and more if affinities.

And what are we going to drink that can sublimate this mullet, why not a white Sancerre "La Demoiselle" by Alphonse Mellot or always in white Sancerre a "Sancerre Harmonie" from Domaine Vincent Pinard (both around 32 €).

Well, good food and good tasting to you, as usual I look forward to your comments, see you soon for new articles.

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