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Portobello in La Frette sur Seine

Portobello, it's a restaurant of Italian cuisine located on the banks of the Seine at La Frette in the Val d'Oise, at 84 quai de Seine, in fact it's just near my house, I just have to go down the cliff and I'm there.

On this 11 June of the year 2020, we are finally back at the restaurant, lunch on the terrace compulsory, but what a pleasure to finally be able to rediscover this happiness of tasting good dishes prepared by professionals, fortunately those have managed to seemingly going through the crisis, let's hope many others do.

So here we are in the flowery interior courtyard of Portobello, we could have chosen the terrace on the Seine, but no, I prefer this patio.

Tradition obliges, Spritz as an aperitif, lots of ice, Prosecco, Aperol and a dash of sparkling water and we are transported to Venice from where this cocktail would originate. I love the Spritz, I like its bitterness and here it is very often prepared as I like.

For the rest, you have the choice between a number of antipasti, pinse, pasta, risotti, carpacci, Italian specialties and desserts, I have not yet tasted all the dishes on the menu, but those that I tasted are very good.

The pinses, my favorite dish pizza version, popular in recent years in the "eternal city". Born at the turn of the (last) millennium, between Neapolitan and Roman pizza, pinsa is a third way. It is crispy on the outside, like the second, and soft on the inside, like the first. It is a mixture of flours: wheat, rice and soybeans, the proportions of which are unknown because the recipe is covered by industrial secrecy, the result is a very light and airy dough thanks to the high hydration of the mixture.

So it will be pinsa for me, to choose from all the Italian actresses, I often fall for Ornella.

For my Doudou who is reasonable and who does not want to fall for the antipasti / pinse duo it will be antipasti alone, a very nice plate, Tomato and burrata, smoked scamorza, bresaola, San Daniele ham, assortment of eggplant, zucchini and marinated peppers, sundried tomatoes, candied onions, parsley mushrooms, parmesan shavings,

All this washed down with Italian wines available by the glass.

Arrived at the dessert, more by gluttony than by hunger, my gourmet Doudou will fall for a giant Italian profiterole and its hot chocolate and me for a creamy lemon ice cream and its babà al limoncello, I love limoncello and I always find that there is not enough ....

Sated, satisfied but happy to have finally been able to find the happiness of being able to eat in a restaurant, all that remains is to climb the cliff to return home.

If you are in the area, do not hesitate, the detour is really worth it and I hope I made you want to discover Portobello,

Do not hesitate to leave me your comments on this pinseria, and see you very soon.

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