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Pollack, beetroot, citrus, red cabbage “wasabi”

A recipe from Benoit Dumas, chef of the restaurant "Le Perchoir" located on the roofs of the 11th arrondissement of Paris, 14 rue Crespin du Gast.

A dish full of freshness, with Japanese flavors, with multiple flavors and colors to enhance the flavor of this sad summer .....

Beets featured in this recipe, red, yellow and chioggia beets, I have a particular weakness for this pretty beet with red and white concentric circles.

For 4 people, you will need:

  • 300 g Pollack fillet,

  • 1 yellow beet,

  • 1 Chioggia beet,

  • 1 ORGANIC Orange,

  • 1 ORGANIC Mandarin,

  • 15 g Yuzu juice,

  • 175 g Sake,

  • 50 g Red beet juice,

  • 25 g ORGANIC soy sauce,

  • 15 g Rice vinegar,

  • 100 g Red cabbage,

  • 25 g Grated horseradish,

  • 1/4 organic lime,


  • Disarm the pollack fillet,

  • Peel the beets,

  • Squeeze the citrus fruits (except the lime),

Marinated pollack

  • Mix the sake with the beetroot juice, 10 g of soy sauce and the rice vinegar,

  • Pour everything over the pollack fillet and leave to marinate in the cold for about 2 hours,

  • Drain, dry, set aside,

Citrus beet juice

  • Centrifuge the yellow beet, filter the juice, mix it with the orange juice, the tangerine juice and the yuzu juice,

  • Adjust the seasoning if necessary,

Red cabbage "wasabi"

  • Finely chop the red cabbage,

  • Cook over high heat and covered,

  • Mix, cool,

  • Mix the mash obtained with the horseradish, set aside.

Chioggia rolls

  • Using a mandolin, cut out the longest chioggia beet filaments possible.


  • Cut the lime into thin slices and cut into 4,

  • Peel and cut the marinated pollock fillet into thin slices,


  • In a deep plate, pour the citrus beet juice,

  • Season the chioggia rolls with the remaining soy sauce and place them on the plate, place the marinated pollock slices on top,

  • Add a slice of lime and the red cabbage “wasabi”.

And to accompany this multifaceted dish, why not this exceptional Sancerre "Auksinis Maceration" by Sébastien Riffault (around € 25) or more classically another Sancerre, a white Origin from Matthias and Emile Roblin (around € 20).

Good tasting to those who will try this nice recipe and see you soon to all.

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