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Pita bread

Tonight is mezze platter and we are going to spread on very soft pita breads, finally I hope.

Pita bread, also called “Arab bread”, “Lebanese bread”, “Syrian bread” or “Turkish bread” designates a thin round bread originating in the prehistoric Middle East and commonly consumed in Southeast Europe and Middle East.

Pita bread, you know those soft rolls that we use to stuff ourselves with tarama, hummus or eggplant caviar.

So I said to myself, I'm going to cook them by myself.

In fact it's very simple, you will just need for 4 pita rolls: - 200 g of Flour (preferably ORGANIC), - 1 tsp dehydrated baker's yeast, - 1 tsp of salt, - 1 pinch of sugar, - 10 cl of water, - 1 tsp olive oil,


- Dilute the yeast in water with a pinch of sugar, - Mix flour and salt in a container, - Add the diluted yeast to the mixture,

- Knead until a ball is obtained (add a pinch of flour if the mixture is too wet, a cup of water if too dry),

- Oil the ball, cover and let rise at least an hour in a lukewarm place,

- Drive the air out of the dough, separate it into 4 equal portions, finely roll out the dough

- Cook in a frying pan without fat for 2 to 3 minutes per side, watch carefully, the cooking time will vary depending on your equipment, the pita should swell and brown slightly, do not allow it to brown too much.

- Serve cold or lukewarm, - If you prepare them in advance, keep them in a plastic to keep flexibility.

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