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A pissaladiere concocted by Julia Sedefdjian, young starred chef at the Baieta restaurant (kiss in Nice dialect), 5 rue de Pontoise in Paris.

"Here, the bouillabaisse is close to aioli, and the pissaladière is jealous of socca, just out of the charcoal oven". Michelin 2020

The pissaladiere (pissaladiera in Nice) is a culinary specialty of the Nice region, which is found throughout maritime Provence.

"Pissaladiere is the adaptation of the Nice pissaladiero" onion pie with anchovies and black olives ". Alain Rey, historical dictionary of the French language

For 6 people, you will need: - 1 kg of sliced yellow onions, - 50 g of olive oil, - 1 clove of garlic, - 1 bouquet garni, - Salt pepper, Bread dough       Leaven       - 70 g of flour,       - 20 g of baker's yeast,       - 100 g of water - 300 g of flour, - 75 g of water, - 25 g of olive oil, - 15 g of salt, - 25 g of black olives (preferably from Nice), - 25 g salt anchovies, - 1 bunch of round radishes

Preparation of candied onions - Sweat the sliced onions in olive oil with the garlic clove and the bouquet garni, - Salt, pepper then cook over low heat and covered 45 minutes, - Cool, reserve.

Leaven preparation - Mix the flour with the yeast diluted in lukewarm water, - Let stand covered under a cloth (in 30 minutes, the dough should have doubled in size),

Bread dough - By robot or by hand, add to the flour, olive oil and salt, - Work the dough by gradually adding the water until the consistency of a homogeneous ball, - Add the leaven and knead,

Preparation of the pissaladiere - Spread the bread dough to 1/2 cm thick, place it on an oiled baking sheet, - Spread the candied onions, - Let rise a second time at room temperature to obtain a soft paste of the onion juice, - Bake at 180 ° C for 20 minutes, season with pepper,


- Cut the pissaladiere into squares, place them in a dish, - Place the olives, anchovies and salted radish shavings on the slices

And what to accompany this dish with Niçois accents, and let's stay in the region with a Cassis Rosé Cuvée F from Château de Fontcreuse (around 16 €) or a Côtes de Provence white Clos Mireille - Blanc de Blancs from Domaines Ott (towards € 22).

Good appetite to you and good tasting for this dish of sun, see you soon for new items.

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