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Pan-fried zander fillets with spices, sage, tangerine scent.

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A slightly diverted recipe from Thuries Gastronomie Magazine since the initial recipe is "Fried Pike Back with Spices, Sage, Tangerine Scent".

Why did you change? Well because I have a hard time finding pike at home and I find zander more easily there, moreover if the pike is good, the pike perch is excellent and much less annoying with the bones.

The interest of this recipe is to associate the bittersweet and a freshwater fish.

For 4 people, you will need - 4 zander fillets with skin, - 12 mandarins (6 + 6),

- 750 g of full-bodied chicken juice (otherwise a well-ground powdered poultry stock with garlic, onion, thyme and bay leaf), - 150 g of red port, - 1 small bouquet of sage, - 100 g of butter, - 250 g of liquid cream, - Salt, Séchouan pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise (if you don't like anise, forget star anise), turmeric, grape seed oil, lemon juice, mandarin liqueur (or any other sweet citrus fruit), Maïzena.

And all this as much as possible ORGANIC, of course !!


- Cut the fillets deeply on the skin side, season with salt, Séchouan pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, star anise, grapeseed oil and citrus liqueur. Reserve 12 hours in the cold, return every 3 hours,


- Take the zest from 6 mandarins (the zest is the orange skin of the mandarin from which the inner white skin has been removed as much as possible), marinate in fleur de sel for 1 hour, rinse, dry in the oven 70 ° C until it becomes brittle, grind with turmeric, nutmeg and a pinch of fleur de sel, reserve the tangerine powder thus obtained, (this being used purely for the decoration of the plate, you can without it, but it's too nice this gold powder)

- Squeeze the juice of 6 mandarins, reserve,

- Peel the 6 remaining mandarins and take the supremes, reserve,

Sauce with sage

- Reduce the chicken juice by half, add the red port, bring to the boil, add 12 sage leaves, let infuse 7 to 8 minutes (beyond, the sage would dominate the flavors, if this were the case, add slightly port red), sift, reduce if too liquid, adjust the seasoning,


- Dry the pikeperch fillets, brown on the flesh side in a pan with butter, turn over, finish cooking over low heat, keep warm

Mandarin cream

- Deglaze the frying pan of the pike perch with tangerine juice, allow to caramelize, cream. - Add a 1/2 teaspoon of cornstarch diluted in a little cold water, - Cook at a simmer for 12 minutes, strain, adjust seasoning, flavor with citrus liqueur,


- Place a zander fillet, then tangerine supremes, - Pour the mandarin cream and the sage sauce, - Garnish with tangerine powder and sage leaves.

As for wine, combine this with a Savennières Clos des Perrières from Château Soucherie (around € 30), a Pouilly-Fumé La Moynerie from Domaine Michel Redde & Fils (around € 20) or a white Anjou Le P ' tit Chenin from Château de la Roulerie (around € 10), Loire wines for a Loire fish.

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