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No Gilles, you should not advise a red wine on St. Jacques !!!!

Sorry, a thousand forgiveness to amateurs,

My friend Jean-Paul told me "Gilles, it's anything, it borders on heresy, a Gevrey on Saint Jacques, the iodine and the fragility of Saint Jacques will not resist it" I may have tried "But, and chorizo ??" Which would have earned me being charred on the spot if I had said this sentence loud enough for my expert to hear.

Donc, je publie ce post pour vous donner le conseil de Jean-Paul

"With St Jacques I always prefer chenin. A beautiful Chenin du Puy from Mabileau (an adorable couple with exceptional wines) or saumur Clos David from Arnaud Lambert (a friend who, in my opinion, is become one of the VERY great of Loire) or a Montlouis Clos de Mosny (for example) from Jacky Blot (Dom de la Taille aux Loups) also almost a friend and an excellent winemaker. "

All these beautiful bottles between 15 and 25 €.

As my friend Jean-Paul did, don't hesitate to give me your comments, all constructive remarks are good to take.

Besides that has already enjoyed a red wine on Saint-Jacques?

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