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Langoustine feuillantines with sesame seeds

Nostalgia, one of the first chef's recipes I had to make was in 1991, a recipe that appeared in issue 3 of "Cuisine Actuelle" in March 1991.

A recipe from Bernard Pacaud, 3 Michelin stars since 1988, who opened his second "Ambroisie" Place des Vosges in 1986.

This recipe is still on the menu of "l'Ambroisie" 29 years later, it's almost moving, well, it moves me ....

The photos are vintage too ;-)

A fairly simple recipe where the difficulty lies in making feuillantines which must be as fine as possible.

For 4 people, you will need: - 12 beautiful langoustines, - 250 g of young spinach leaves, - 20 cl of fresh cream, - 2 egg whites, - 50 g of fluid flour, - 80 g of butter, - 1 tablespoon of curry, - 10 cl of olive oil, - 30 g of sesame seeds, - 1 pinch of icing sugar.

I have not added BIO in front of each ingredient but it is understood ;-)

- Preheat your oven to 210 ° C (Thermostat 7), - Separate and peel the langoustine tails (do not forget to remove the small black nerve placed on the ventral part), - Peel the spinach, wash and dry,


- Mix flour, egg whites, pinch of salt and pinch of icing sugar in a bowl, - Add 50 g of warm melted butter,

- Mix vigorously and let cool, - Butter a non-stick plate or a large mold (I know, it's weird, but it's like that ..), - Using a brush (if you don't have a kitchen brush, use the curved part of a tablespoon), spread out eight very fine discs of dough (about 8 cm in diameter), - Sprinkle with sesame seeds, - Bake in the oven until colored, - Go out and book

Curry sauce

- Melt 10 g of butter in a small saucepan, - Add the curry, - Heat while stirring then add the cream, - Bring to a boil and reduce over low heat for ten minutes, - Adjust the seasoning if necessary, sift, reserve in a bain marie,


- Salt and powder the langoustines with curry, - Fry over high heat in olive oil, 1 minute per side, - Drain on absorbent paper and keep warm, - Sear the spinach on high heat with 20 g of butter for 2 minutes (Short cooking time to preserve taste and crunchiness)


- Divide 3/4 of the spinach on the bottom of the plates, - Cover with a feuillantine and a little spinach, - Place 3 langoustines, top with a second feuillantine, - Surround with a curry sauce and serve.

And to accompany this star dish, why not a Sancerre Generation XIX white from Alphonse Mellot, certainly a little expensive (in the 40 €) but with a star dish, or a Muscadet Granite from the Domaine de l'Écu around 15 € .

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