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La Brunilda in Seville

This is my first post on the subject "address advice", so I'm a little nervous, that's why I choose to tell you about a fairly distant address, 1800 km anyway, I don't know why it reassures me, but it reassures me ....

So my first restaurant tip is in Seville, the capital of Andalusia in the south of Spain, renowned for its flamenco, monuments and tapas.

Tapas, what is it? These are small savory appetizers, originally a simple aperitif accompanying drinks, they sometimes become more and more elaborate.

There are 3,000 tapas bars in Seville ranging from the traditional with its rows of iberico ham hanging over the counter to the gourmet bar serving elaborate tapas.

The one I'm going to tell you about is in the gastro bar range, we eat there seated and we are served at the table, unlike the traditional tapas bar or the poor tourist that I am often has trouble reaching the bar to place an order .

La Brunilda, since this is the restaurant I would like to recommend, is located in Calle Galera in the heart of Seville.

This restaurant, we found it a little by chance while strolling in the small streets of Seville in search of a place to have lunch, moreover we did not have lunch there since it was full, we returned there in the evening, an hour before the opening on the advice of the waitress, and indeed, it was necessary.

The audience is young, and you should not be afraid to pass for a dinosaur among this student audience, the setting is relaxed, the room is not very large but sufficient to be comfortable.

The service is friendly and efficient, the slate is in Spanish, and the menu is available in English, wine served by the glass.

There, the choice is varied with the possibility of choosing between the tapas format and the flat format, the prices are more than reasonable, from memory we had to take in tapas format, the tuna tataki (Tataki de atún con couscous y verduras) , cajun chicken (Pollo estilo cajun con guacamole cilantro y huerta tomato), grilled beef (Solomillo de ternera con patatas al tomillo) and grilled squid (Chipirón a la plancha con migas del caserío y huevas de arenques), i even tried the duck confit (Confit de pato con crema de zanahoria especiada).

The dishes are very elegantly presented, it is very very good and ultimately quite inexpensive, with 4 tapas, 2 glasses of wine or beers, the bill should not exceed € 30.

So if you go through Seville, ask Google map to take you to La Brunilda, it's my shot Andalusian heart.

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