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Hake with parsley oil, black olive jam, white bean mousse, garlic crumble

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A recipe with Basque flavors designed in Biarritz by Andrée and Stéphane Rosier from the restaurant "Les Rosiers", 32 av. Beau Soleil.

A recipe quite simple in the end, the only difficulty I encountered the first time resided in the olive jam, I had to go too far in the cooking and I ended up with olive candy and a pan to emergencies.

So a recipe based on Hake, hake fish that changes its name according to the mood of the fishmonger, no, I'm kidding, it does not prevent hake, it is also the hake, the hawk, the hawk, the bardot or whiting on the Marseille side.

To make this recipe for 4 people, you will need: - 4 hake blocks (skinless), - Salt, pepper, Espelette pepper,

White bean mousse

- 100 g of liquid cream, - 250 g cooked white beans,

Huile de persil

- 1 Botte de persil,

- 250 g d'huile de pépins de raisin,

- 1 gousse d'ail

Black Olive Jam - 150 g pitted black olives, - 150 g of brown sugar, - 100 g of water, - 100 g of white balsamic vinegar,

Garlic crumble - 50 g of softened butter, - 50 g of flour, - 50 g of almond powder, - 30 d of candied garlic puree - Fleur de sel

For the candied garlic puree, put the degermed garlic cloves in a saucepan and cover with olive oil, cook over low heat for 30 to 45 minutes, drain then mix.

And let's go

White bean mousse - Heat the cream with salt and Espelette pepper, add the cooked and hot white beans, mix them, sift to avoid pieces that could interfere for the rest. - Pour the puree obtained in a siphon, put a cartridge, reserve in a bain-marie at 65 °

Parsley oil - Shell the parsley, mix with the oil and garlic. - Season, reserve

There it gets a little more complicated, watch carefully

Black olive jam

- Blanch the olives 3 times, - Pour all the ingredients in a saucepan, cook in a simmer until almost complete evaporation of the liquid (be careful, this is the moment not to miss), - Mix the jam and adjust the seasoning if necessary.

Garlic crumble

- Mix the ingredients, - Spread the dough obtained on a baking paper and bake in an oven at 165 ° C for 10 minutes (in fact, your crumble should just start to color), - Coarsely crush and set aside,


-Season the hake blocks, coat them with parsley oil on both sides,

- Bake in an oven at 175 ° C for 5 minutes (cooking will depend on your oven, make sure that the blocks are cooked to the heart without more.


- Dress the white bean mousse, sprinkle with crumble, place a hake fillet on it, then a dash of black olive jam and optional anchovy fillet.

For wine advice, I'm still looking for the right match with this dish ....

For wine, on the advice of knowledgeable friends, I will recommend a Palette from Château Simone (around € 40) or a white Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence from Château Calissanne (around € 10).

See you soon, read your tasting comments.

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