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Grilled Saint-Pierre fillets, clementine oil, calamondin and condiments

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A recipe from Christophe Bacquié, chef at the three-star restaurant at the Hotel du Castellet in the Var, 3001 Route des Hauts du Camp, Le Castellet.

While we are reassured, the calamondin is none other than a small indoor orange tree that you will easily find in your favorite garden center, but this is not a reason to risk prison by going there to pick your little oranges ....

Once these presentations have been made, for 4 people plan:

  • 4 Saint-Pierre fillets,

Carrot puree

  • 600 g carrots,

  • 450 g white poultry stock,

  • 40 g Butter,

  • 5 g Calamondin pulp,

  • 1 Calamondin zest,

  • 10 g whipped cream,

  • Fine Himalayan pink salt, freshly ground white pepper, olive oil, Espelette pepper, purslane, calamondin peel,

Butter mounted

  • 280 g Orange juice,

  • 80 g Calamondin pulp,

  • 80 g Semi-salted Butter,

Glazed baby carrots

  • 12 mini-carrots of different colors,

  • 1 g of chestnut honey,

  • 3 Coriander seeds,

  • 75 g Orange juice,

  • 5 g olive oil,

  • 10 g Butter,


  • 10 g Pimiento del piquillo,

  • 2 g Green and white spring onions,

  • 10 g Clementine Oil,

  • 5 g Calamondin puree.

For clementine oil, we are not talking about essential oil, we are talking about clementine zest that you have macerated for two good weeks in grapeseed oil, some bringing the oil / zest couple to a boil before cover it and let it steep for a whole day.

Carrot puree

  • Peel the carrots, cut them into pieces and cook them in the white poultry stock with the butter, salt and pepper,

  • Drain, cool the carrots, mix,

  • Reheat the carrot puree, add the pulp and calamondin zest then add the whipped cream and adjust the seasoning,

Butter mounted

  • Mix the orange juice with the calamondin pulp,

  • Reduce until syrup,

  • Add the salted butter,

Glazed baby carrots

  • Peel and wash the carrots,

  • Combine the ingredients in a saucepan,

  • Moisten with orange juice,

  • Cover and bring to a boil,

  • Reduce the heat and continue cooking for about 20 minutes over low heat,

  • Uncover, finish cooking until the liquid has evaporated completely, glaze the carrots with butter,


  • Cut the pimiento del piquillo in brunoise,

  • Mix with the remaining ingredients,


  • Season the Saint-Pierre fillets,

  • Cook on the plancha, until you get around 38 ° C at the heart, (it's true that if there is one essential accessory, it is the cooking thermometer with probe),

  • Cover the fillets with the condiments,


  • In a plate, place a filet of Saint-Pierre,

  • Grate over the calamondin,

  • Add the carrot puree, arrange the glazed baby carrots,

  • Pour the mounted butter,

  • Garnish with purslane.

And to accompany this recipe, a Meursault Les Charmes Dessus 1er Cru from Château de Meursault (count in the € 80) or a Meursault Les Clous from the Maison Bouchard Père & Fils (more affordable at € 40).

Well here it is, you just have to put yourself in the kitchen, I wish you a good tasting and say see you soon (waiting to read you, but of that, I despair ....).

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