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Grilled Saint-Pierre yellow curry with Thai flavors

A recipe from Christophe Dupuy, chef at the Maya Bay restaurant in Monaco, 24 Av. Princesse Grace, a piece of Asia in the heart of the principality.

A recipe combining Saint-Pierre fillets marinated in ginger with a smooth curry based on sweet spices and coconut milk, a recipe originally named "Kaeng Dang Pla Yang", at my level of understanding of Thai I found that Kaeng or แกง means curry, Pla or ปลา means fish, Yang or ย่าง means to grill, Dang or สี แดง would mean the color red and there there would be like a problem since the recipe speaks of yellow curry ....

No doubt we replaced the slightly aggressive red curry with the yellow, more creamy curry, where the spiciness is reduced for our uninitiated mouths.

The difficulty encountered here is to gather the necessary ingredients or to find acceptable substitutes.

For 4 people, you will have to try to gather:

Curry sauce - 45 g of yellow curry paste (either you try to make it and it is good the recipe is on this blog, or you buy it ready made), - 10 g of salt, - 50 g of sugar, - 30 g of fish sauce (there, I assumed we were talking about nuoc-mâm), - 1.5 liters of coconut milk,

Fish - 4 skinless Saint-Pierre fillets, - 20 g of ginger, - 10 g of coriander roots (not found, one root could be replaced by 10 coriander stems without leaves), - 20 g of mushroom sauce (frozen, no problem), - Pepper,

Garnish - 100 g of green pepper, - 100 g of red pepper, - 100 g of broccoli, - 100 g of green beans, - 50 g of Thai eggplant (or not Thai), - Thai basil (or not Thai too),

Preparation of Curry Sauce - In a saucepan, gently cook the curry paste with a little coconut milk, after 10 minutes add the salt, sugar, fish sauce and coconut milk, - Cook gently until a nice creamy consistency is obtained, - Adjust the seasoning, reserve

Fish preparation - Mix coriander, ginger and mushroom sauce, until a homogeneous paste is obtained, - Cover the Saint-Pierre fillets with this paste, - Leave to marinate for one hour,

Preparation of the filling - Finely mince the peppers, take the inflorescences of the broccoli, cut the green beans in half, cut the eggplant into slices, - Dip the vegetables in the curry, cook while keeping the crunchy vegetables,

Finishing and dressing - Fry the Saint-Pierre fillets in olive oil, - Add a handful of basil to the curry, - Pour a little curry and a few vegetables in a deep plate, place the fillets on it.

And to drink on this dish with sweet flavors of spices and coconut, I was thinking of a Condrieu Invitare from the M.Chapoutier estate (around 40 €) or a Saint-Joseph Deschants (around 20 €) from the same house .

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