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Green asparagus, creamy egg yolk, Bellota pancetta

A recipe from Nicolas Pando who ran the restaurant "Comptoir Canaille" in Paris at the time, a restaurant that he and his wife Marie-Caroline unfortunately closed in November 2019, they set off for new adventures, where am I still looking?

Another recipe with asparagus will tell me, it's true, but it is the seasonal vegetable, it must be eaten in April, May and June, whether it is white, green or purple, let's take advantage that it is time.

Known to the Romans, the culture of asparagus appeared in France in the 15th century, from 1805, it made the reputation of Argenteuil and other cities in the region, Aubervilliers, Bezons, Épinay, Sannois ...

In the kitchen, we use white asparagus, pushed entirely underground with a delicate and very fine taste, very fruity purple asparagus, dropped from its mound, the tip becomes purple under the effect of light, green asparagus with a marked flavor, pushed in the open air and which owes its color to the light of the sun.

The asparagus is graded according to the diameter at the heel, we will go from:

  • +32: the very big one,

  • 22/32: the big one,

  • 16/22: the average,

  • 12/16: the fine.

For 4 people, you will need

  • 8 large green asparagus,

  • 4 ORGANIC chicken eggs,

  • 2 slices of country bread,

  • 10 g of soft butter,

  • 100 g chicken broth,

  • 5 g tarragon,

  • 50 g baby spinach,

  • 8 thin slices of Bellota pancetta,

  • Salt, fleur de sel, olive oil, Espelette pepper, butter.

As we can see in the photo, we can replace the Bellota pancetta with a good smoked bacon (see very) fatty.


  • Cut the asparagus to the same length,

  • Remove the rigid pins,

  • Reserve the ornaments,

  • Cook the eggs in water at 64 ° C for 45 minutes (there should not be missed, the cooking thermometer is essential),

  • Take the yolk,

  • Toast the bread, make 2 cm wide "mouillettes", then butter them,

Asparagus puree

  • Mince 200 g of asparagus trimmings,

  • In a sautoir, sweat in butter, salt, wet with 50 g of broth,

  • Cook covered, then mix with tarragon, baby spinach, and a drizzle of olive oil,

  • Sieve and cool on ice,


  • Cook the asparagus in a sautoir with a drizzle of olive oil,

  • Salt and deglaze with 50 g of broth,

  • Cook covered for 5 minutes,

  • Drain, polish with a brush with the cooking juices,


  • Prepare the asparagus puree, then two asparagus,

  • Add an egg yolk, a "mouillette", a slice of pancetta,

  • Add Espelette pepper and fleur de sel,

  • Drizzle with olive oil.

And to accompany this, a Muscat Sec from the Domaine des Mille Vignes (€ 35 from the cellar), or a Muscat Sec from Alsace from the Domaine Weinbach (within € 35), you probably have other ideas, I'm interested.

Well, here is a nice spring recipe to be enjoyed in the shade of the parasol, so enjoy it and see you very soon.

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