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Gabriela in Paris

I don't know about you, but I'm starting to get seriously tired of not being able to sit down at a good table or try a new address found during a conversation. Especially since I fear that these two months of confinement will leave behind a procession of bankruptcy in the profession.

So to cheer me up, I'm going to remember with you a Parisian address that smells of sun and party.

We discovered this restaurant by watching a program on C +, "Les Paris du globe-cooker", where Fred Chesneau explored the culinary traditions of foreign communities living in Paris and its suburbs.

This is how we discovered "Gabriela", a Brazilian restaurant nestled at 3 rue Milton in the ninth arrondissement of Paris, a quarter of an hour walk from Saint Lazare train station, a stone's throw from Notre Dame de Lorette and at the corner of Lebas and Milton streets.

Gabriella is a small Brazilian enclave in the heart of Paris, once past the front door you are immersed in the festive and colorful atmosphere of Brazil, a slightly crazy decor giving a warm atmosphere to discover the great classics of Brazilian cuisine.

The menu is quite short, with starters around € 10, dishes on average at € 20, desserts for € 7 and cocktails for € 9.

To start this trip, a cocktail made with cachaça, a lime caipirinha, sugar and crushed ice, you can continue the meal on the same streak, have a Brazilian beer or a glass of wine.

As a starter, we took salgadinhos, golden bites stuffed with chicken and cheese, but we could have been tempted by regional dishes such as Pastel de feira, crispy booties stuffed with cheese, from Santos, bolinhos de carne apimentado, golden bites of spicy ground beef or the Pao des queijo, cheese rolls with cassava starch from Minas Gerais.

The menu is short, but it covers this great country.

The journey continues with the dishes, first the national dish, the Feijoada, pork meats and sausages simmered with rice, black beans, cassava flour and peppers, from Sao Paulo the Virado quase à paulista, a pork sausage smoked in a tomato sauce, onions, peppers and spices with a cream of black beans, Salvadore de Bahia the Vatapa com camaroes no dendê, shrimps sautéed with a cream of corn, coconut milk and cashews, accompanied plain rice, still from Bahia, moqueca de peixe, a piece of pollack cooked in a sauce flavored with coconut milk and pepper.

And a little sweetness to finish, for me, there is no denying it will be the maracuja mousse, the national dessert with passion fruit, the chocolate madmen will be tempted by the Brigaderos of chocolate, chocolate truffles flavored with coffee from Minas Gerais.

A lovely culinary souvenir, a change of scenery in the heart of the capital, the welcome is also very friendly, an address to try if you are passing by.

And now, hoping that this memory makes you want to go there and that this restaurant survives the crisis, I tell you soon for new articles.

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