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"Gambas" marinated in honey, pink garlic and sesame, ginger vinegar

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The "gambas" are very large shrimps which can reach 20 cm long. We recognize them by their pink color. They live in the depths of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. They feed mainly on small plants and marine animals: marine worms, shrimp larvae and small crustaceans.

The term "gambas" is a word of Spanish origin. Relatively rare commodities, prawns are consumed all over the world. Like all seafood, they are very rich in protein and omega 3. They are excellent for the heart, because they contain very little saturated fat.

The size of the shrimp is defined by their sizes, of course, it is different to other sizes, for example that of asparagus or the more the number is important the size is too, in the case of shrimps the more the number is important smaller will be the shrimp, since the size indicates the number of shrimps per kilo.

For this recipe, you will need for 5 people:

  • 20 Gambas,

  • 25 Green asparagus tips,

  • Salt, Kampot pepper, fleur de sel, butter,


  • 2 Lemongrass sticks,

  • 200 g Dry white wine,

  • 35 g Ginger vinegar,


  • Shell the raw "gambas", remove the casing, rinse them under a stream of water and then drain them,

  • Wash the asparagus, cook them in water for about 1 minute, get them firm,

  • Cool, drain, cut the tips, set aside,


  • Emulsify the ingredients in order,

  • Add a round of Kampot pepper mill, fleur de sel and split lemongrass,

  • Relax in white wine, add the "gambas" and let marinate for about 12 hours in the cold,


  • Quickly color the prawns with frothy butter,

  • Season, deglaze with ginger vinegar,

  • Cook for about 1 minute and set aside,

  • Assemble skewers alternating asparagus and "gambas", sprinkle generously with the marinade,

  • Finish cooking in an oven at 200 ° C for 3 minutes,

  • Season with Kampot pepper,


  • Prepare a skewer of "Gambas" and asparagus,

  • Sprinkle with fleur de sel and cover with the remaining marinade.

Accompany this with a white Sancerre La Demoiselle by Alphonse Mellot (can be around 50 €) or a Menetou-Salon Les Renardières from Domaine Philippe Gilbert (Less than 30 €).

And yes, there were still asparagus, I don't know why but this year, I love it ;-)

So see you very soon.

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