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Cod steak, biscayan ravioli, soft garlic cream

A recipe from chef Xabi Ibarboure who with his brother Patrice is in charge of the starred gourmet restaurant "les Frères Ibarboure" in Bidart.

Biscayenne is a traditional Basque sauce made from tomato sauce, sweet onions, garlic, ham fat, raw ham, parsley, olive oil, sweet peppers, hot and dry peppers.

The Biscayenne sauce accompanies fish such as tuna or cod, but also meat and pasta.

Biscayan cod (Bakailaoa bizkaitar erara in Basque or Bacalao a la vizcaína in Spanish) is one of the most traditional dishes in the gastronomy of the Basque Country.

For this recipe, you will need to gather:

  • 4 Fresh cod pavements of 150g,

  • Chopped parsley,

  • Cooked potatoes cut into corollas,

  • 4 Basque peppers,

  • Tempura (batter),

For the Biscayenne

  • 25 g Garlic strips cut with a mandolin,

  • 100 g Olive oil,

  • 20 g Tomato concentrate,

  • 80 g Crushed tomato,

  • 40 g Hot potato pulp,

  • 80 g Fish stock,

  • 200 g Desalted cod,

  • Chopped parsley,

For the Sweet Garlic Cream

  • 500 g Garlic broth (500 g of water + 3 heads of garlic: bring to a boil and let stand for 4 hours),

  • 375 g Liquid cream,

  • 2 chopped garlic cloves,

  • 3 g Agar-agar,

  • 2 g Xantana,

For the Ravioli

  • 50 g Flour,

  • 3 g Lard,

  • 180 g Water,

  • Salt, celery leaves and parsley,

For the Ink Sauce

  • 1 onion,

  • 10 0 g Squid trimmings,

  • 50 g Brunoise of carrot,

  • 1/2 Garlic clove,

  • 200 g Fish stock,

  • 10 g Cuttlefish ink.


  • Brown the garlic petals with the olive oil,

  • Incorporate the tomato paste over low heat and caramelize,

  • Add the crushed tomato, the potato pulp, the fish stock and the desalted flaked cod,

  • Leave to cook off the heat, obtain a soft sauce,

Sweet garlic cream

  • Over high heat, bring the garlic broth with the cream and chopped garlic cloves to a boil,

  • Add the agar-agar and xantana, strain, pour into a 1 liter siphon and gas twice then keep warm,


  • Mix flour, lard and water,

  • Let stand for about 6 hours, in the cold,

  • Roll out the dough 9 mm thick and arrange about fifteen leaves of parsley and celery,

  • Close in the portfolio and roll out the dough finely then cut 8 cm diameter discs,

  • Blanch the resulting ravioli in boiling salted water,

Ink sauce

  • Sweat the onion without coloring,

  • Add the squid trimmings, carrot brunoise and garlic,

  • Cook everything for about 10 minutes then incorporate the stock,

  • Infuse everything over low heat to spice up the sauce and add the squid ink,

  • Pass through cheesecloth, adjust the seasoning,


  • Color the pavers on the skin side,

  • Finish cooking unilaterally,

Finishing and Presentation

  • Dip the peppers in tempura and fry them at 180 ° C for about 1 minute, pat dry,

  • Heat the biscayenne and add the chopped parsley,

  • On a plate, place a ravioli,

  • Add the biscayenne then a piece of cod and a potato corolla garnished with the sweet garlic cream,

  • Pour in the ink sauce and add a fried chili.

And to taste this dish, I will accompany it with a Château La Grande Métairie - Entre-deux-Mers white (less than 10 €) or a white wine from Rioja, a Horizonte de Exopto from Bodegas Exopto (less than 15 €).

It only remains to wish you a good appetite and to say to you very soon, I hope.

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