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Bodegas Exopto - Bozeto 2018

I'm going to tell you about a wine from Spain, Spain an old wine-growing region since we find traces of it in ancient times in the south of the country.

Today, all the Spanish territory produces wine, in more or less quantity, the Spanish vineyard is the first in the world with 951,693 hectares of vines in total, according to the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV), the country produced 4.44 billion liters of wine in 2018, placing Spain in the third largest producer in the world, with a share of 15.2% of world production.

The Rioja from which the Bozeto is made is undoubtedly the most famous in Spain for red wines, the Bodegas Exopto is precisely located in the Rioja Alavesa where Tom Puyaubert, a Frenchman, a pure-bred Gascon, settled down in 2003.

The vines of the Bodega Exopto are located in the municipalities of Laguardia (Rioja Alavesa) and Abalos (Rioja Alta), as well as in Rioja Baja. The age of the feet varies from 20 to 90 years.

Bozeto (which means “Sketch” in Spanish) is the entry level of the domain. It is a young and fruity wine, easy to grasp, a blend of 50% Garnacha which brings fruity and sweetness, 40% Tempranillo to bring balance, structure and the touch of Rioja, and 10% Graciano to add freshness.

2018 was a fresh and Atlantic vintage (as opposed to Mediterranean vintages) and the vintage developed a fresher and more fruity character than its predecessors.

The color is deep and brilliant red, the mouth is fresh and light, the nose on aromas of red fruits, the gourmet mouth, the raspberry and the blackcurrant bringing a certain sweetness.

This wine, excellent value for money (less than € 9 a bottle), to drink now, will perfectly accompany your grilled meats, paellas, and spicy dishes, open 1 hour before and serve at 16 ° C.

A wine to be consumed without moderation, the proof I only have one bottle left, finally pay attention anyway ......

See you soon for new articles, and I await your comments.

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