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Beef bourguignon

Having not found the inventor of the beef bourguignon recipe, I will confine myself to clarifying that our beef bourguignon was formerly called "beef stew" and that it was eaten during festive meals, it was eaten with bread grilled rubbed with garlic. It was later that this dish became a Sunday dish par excellence.

In 2017, an institute asked 1,000 French people, "Which dish best represents French gastronomy?" and it’s beef bourguignon which came out on top with 23% far ahead of veal stew (11%) and steak and fries (10%), followed slightly behind the cassoulet and duck breast, I’ll stop there the enumeration of the classification to avoid starting an inter-regional war ....

Admittedly, the survey took place from November 2 to 3, a period more favorable to the simmered dish, but the fact remains that this result shows the attachment of French people to traditional meals, to large family meals, to Grandma's casserole dish that we put in the middle of the table, with good cooking smells, dishes that simmer and take the time to prepare.

The bœuf bourguignon is also the revenge of the "low pieces", the lodging, the paleron, the scoter, the low ribs, the collar, all these forgotten pieces of the summer of grills which offers a large place for the train back of the ox and who forgets that to make an ox, you need a back and a front.

For 4 people, you will need: - 1.5 kg of braising beef, - 100 g of bacon, - 250 g button mushrooms, - 1 dozen small white onions, - 20 g of butter, - 1 tablespoon of oil, - 1 tablespoon of flour, - 1 clove of garlic, - 1 bouquet garni, - parsley, salt, pepper,

Marinade - 1 large onion, - 2 cloves, - 1 carrot, - 6 peppercorns, - 2 tablespoons of oil, - 1 bottle of full-bodied red wine (a Burgundy red wine of course, don't bother putting a fortune in it, but avoid the sting anyway ...),

And let's go for this traditional dish

- Cut the meat into cubes about 5 cm square,

- Put in a container, the meat, the chopped onion, the carrot in slices, the cloves, the peppercorns, - Drizzle with oil and wine,

- Boil the bacon for 2 to 3 minutes, drain, mop, cut into small pieces, - Peel the white onions, cook in butter in a saucepan over low heat until golden brown, - Cut the mushrooms, cook in butter in a saucepan until browned, - Drain and wipe the cubes of meat out of the marinade, (especially do not throw away the juice from the marinade) - Heat the oil quite strongly in a casserole dish and brown the meat cubes in it, - Sprinkle with flour, mix, let brown over high heat, - Add the garlic and bacon, brown for a few minutes,

- Strain the marinade juice, cover the meat, top up with water if necessary, - Salt, pepper, put the bouquet garni, cover, simmer 2:30 on low heat, - A quarter of an hour before the end of cooking, add the onions and mushrooms,,

- Serve the bourguignon in a deep dish, drizzled with all its sauce and sprinkle with chopped parsley, - Accompany this dish with boiled potatoes, tagliatelle or why not a gratin dauphinois.

What wine to accompany this beef bourguignon, a Burgundy wine of course, and why not a Chambolle Musigny Village appellation of the house Bouchard Père & Fils (around 40 €) Strongly the end of confinement and the return of large tables to offer this traditional dish, while waiting to read your comments, see you soon for new articles.

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