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American or Armorican sauce

Contrary to what one might think, the Armorican and American sauces are prepared in the same way, a Breton lobster will be accompanied by an Armorican sauce, a lobster from across the Atlantic will be served with a sauce American ....

At some point, you have to talk about sauce, because what would cooking be without sauces, so I'm going to start by giving you the recipe for it, of course if you don't have time there is always a way to buy it ready to use.

If you want to do it yourself, take advantage of a day where you will have prepared lobsters or crabs to keep shells and coral and transform them into a delicious sauce that you can freeze.

You will need to gather:

- Lobster, crayfish, crabs, lobster shells ....., - Coral, salt, pepper, handled butter (ointment butter + flour), - 2 Shallots, - 1 onion, - 50 g White wine, - 10 g Cognac, - 3 crushed tomatoes, - 1 bouquet garni, - 200 g Cream,

- Cut shallots and onions in mirepoix (small cubes 1 cm side), - Color the shells over high heat, degrease, - Add the shallots and onion,

- Deglaze with white wine, blaze with cognac, wet to the height with water, - Add the crushed tomatoes and the bouquet garni,

- Cook over low heat, strain and bind the sauce with a kneaded butter mixed with coral, - Cream the sauce, reduce to the point of binding, sieve again, season.

And here you are, you have an American or Armorican sauce, as you like, which will go superbly with your recipes for shellfish, monkfish and other inhabitants of the seas.

See you soon for new sauce recipes or "basic preparation" ...

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