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Mis à jour : juin 21

And yes, as some may have noticed, advertising has appeared recently on this blog, two banner ads located under the first menu on the two pages that include this blog.

Two advertisements inserted in this blog using Google Adsense the advertising agency of Google using websites or YouTube videos as support for its ads.

Why did your servant give in to advertising sirens, why did he not remain proud and adamant in the face of the advances of the liberal world, of triumphant capitalism.

Lacking the most basic modesty, so I put on my sandwitch man outfit, I opened my blog to ugly billboards.

And there, you say to me "But why did you do that? Why did you agree to smear the immaculate whiteness of your blog with its ugly cupboards?", Yes, why, well it is quite simple because maintaining a blog costs time and money.

Time, because writing an article, illustrating it, setting it up and translating it generally takes me 1/2 a day and that is stupid to say but "time is money ",

Money, because maintaining or rather hosting a site has a cost, not huge but still, to be transparent the minimum subscription on Wix (my host) is € 117 per year for 2 GB of bandwidth ( i.e. misery) and 3 GB of storage (which should be enough for a cooking blog).

So here it is, so I put two advertising inserts on my blog in the hope of getting some money from my work, I tried to put them in places that do not interfere with reading, and I also try to choose the type of content to be consistent.

It is on I do not expect to make a fortune with this, according to statistics from Google, my income should be 5 € for every 1000 inserts displayed, as I am very far from 1000, I am far from this amount, come on I will be ridiculous, today these inserts bring me 0.16 € per day and since the payment threshold of Google is 70 €, at the current rate it will take me 437 days to touch something.

Now you can help me, and how to help me, well by clicking on these advertising inserts, it will only take you a short time and it will help me to continue this blog.

So, dear readers, I count on your clicks and I hope your reactions in comments ...

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